Parent Involvement



At JIA, parent help is very much appreciated! We sometimes need extra hands, especially for our cooking class and important days such as holiday parties. Please check the notice board for volunteer sign-up. 

保護者対象のイベント/Events for Parents


There are different kinds of opportunities for the parents to be involved at JIA. Other than volunteering, we have some enjoyable events for the parents. So far, we have done coffee mornings, tea parties, and Indian cooking classes. We welcome suggestions from the parents. If you have a good idea, please let us know! 

保護者によるスペシャルレッスン/Show Off Your Skills to Enrich the class! 


If you have a hobby or a special skill that you can share with us, please come to share at school! It can be anything: musical instruments, singing, art, craft-making, flower arrangement, work-related skills, etc.

Here are some pictures of JIA Parents!

Cooking Classes 子どもたちが安全に楽しく調理ができるようにお手伝いをいただきました。幼稚園でのお母様のご活躍に子どもたちも嬉しそうでしたね!

Halloween ホールの飾り作りをお手伝いいただきました。みんなが帰った後の幼稚園、本当にお化けが出てきそうです!

Diwali 装飾のお手伝いをしていただきました。根気のいる作業やアート製作など、お母様方の技術とセンスには本当に助けられました!